“Mentorship serves as the backbone of FLEG. Every member of FLEG is assigned a mentor to help them in whatever way they need in their first year, whether personal or professional”

Profiles in Mentorship

Ryan: “I have personally loved my mentorship experience. I was put inside a family of people who actually cared about my growth and I only excelled as a result. When it came time to sign up for mentorship a year after, I jumped on it because it gave me the chance to pass on the same blessings I received. I was lucky to get two mentees that I could pour into in regards to all aspects of collegiate life. I also learned a thing or two about how I lead and communicate.”


Christian: “One of my favorite things about my mentor family is that we hold each other accountable to our goals. Throughout my time at UF I’ve been continually encouraged by my mentor and “twin” to pursue excellence in academics and other areas as well. Besides that, I’ve loved getting to know this awesome group of people. My mentorship family is one I couldn’t live without!”

Alex: “Mentorship with Ryan and Christian has been one of the highlights of my first year at UF. After meeting Ryan during our early recruitment events at the beginning of the school year, I knew that he was the member of FLEG that I connected with the most. That’s why I was so excited when I found out he would be my mentor. Beyond Ryan, himself, having Christian as a co-mentee has also been a pleasure, as he has been just as interested in my success as an engineering student as Ryan has. Together, the three of us have become close friends, pouring into each other about our academic, personal and spiritual needs over the course of the year, and I can truly say that I have grown because of it.”

Rodel: “As a FLEG mentor in the Wertheim College of Engineering, you have both responsibilities to be a role model and friend to a an individual completely new to UF and the college experience. From helping out in figuring which classes to take, to lunch dates, to exploring Gainesville, to interview prep and watching mentees get a dream internship or research opportunity, being there as a mentor has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my college career, so rewarding that I did it twice. I am extremely blessed to have been connected with my mentee family through FLEG, and I honestly felt more growth and learning than ever before being there as a FLEG mentor.”


Dang: “Till today, it blows my mind that you revealed yourself to be my mentor at National Conference in Texas. You have always been there for me whenever or wherever I needed reassurance, confidence or laughter. Without a doubt, I can happily say that the Mentor-Mentee program gave me an opportunity to connect with one of the closest friends that I have made during my time at UF. Thank you for not only being a mentor, but a friend and an even better brother, “Brodellll”.

Georgia: “My mentorship family means three things: friendship, happiness, and constant support.”

Benji: “For me, my mentorship family is a story of adventures to come! This semester my mentor studied abroad in Hong Kong, and though it’s hard resolving a 12 hour time difference, I know I can always count on my mentor for help and advice! I know I’ll be able to count on them as time goes on and my classes get even harder and I can’t wait for the stories that have yet to be made!”