Mission Statement: To plan and administer events with the purpose of assisting first-year students with their academic endeavors within the University of Florida’s College of Engineering. A heavy emphasis is placed on providing tutoring and group study opportunities for the freshman class. The academic assistance branch of FLEG is charged with creating and maintaining an academic resource for students in the College of Engineering. In addition, we serve as the liaisons between the freshman and administration, thus improving the connection between the two bodies.

Mission Statement: To facilitate events with the purpose of strengthening relationships within FLEG and administer FLEG’s STEM Outreach program. A heavy emphasis will be placed on promoting community service activities both internally and externally, while also maintaining the mentorship program within the organization. This committee establishes and maintains a healthy alumni relationship by connecting the alumni to the current state of the organization and the development of the members within it.

Mission Statement: To provide engineering students with opportunities to get involved with a variety of student organizations within the College of Engineering and extracurricular activities non-engineering related. This committee serves as a network of organizations, compiling and distributing them to the new class of engineers at the University of Florida. This committee will also co-host open events to showcase different organizations throughout the year, promoting FLEG as a group of student leaders.

Mission Statement: To lead the way in providing FLEG and freshman engineers alike with core values and soft skills necessary to propel rising engineers in the professional work field through comprehensive workshops and skill assessments. By installing in-depth skills through various events, PND will work towards being a source of key principles engineers need as they transition from students to working individuals.

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Public Affairs


Mission Statement: To expand the reach of FLEG, the impact of its events, and uphold its public image. PA provides committees the resources to communicate effectively with members of the College of Engineering through online media while offering the FLEG class another avenue for skill development through participation in PA with close advising from older members.